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Boudoir Photography in Nashville: 7 Great Photographers

Nashville Tennessee, known for its country music, rich history, and southern charm, is also home to some of the most talented boudoir photographers. Here are 7 really great ones, each with their own distinct style and approach. In no particular order, take a peak at their different styles, and find one that has the look you envision for your shoot. Enjoy!

Jennifer Cody

Jennifer Cody specializes in creating empowering and elegant boudoir portraits. Her work is characterized by its timeless beauty and attention to detail. While she shoots weddings and other portraits, she has a nice style when it comes to airy clean feeling boudoir photos.

La Boutique Photography

La Boutique Photography offers a modern and edgy approach to boudoir photography. Their work is bold and provocative, perfect for those looking to make a statement. There is a nice color grading to many of her portraits, including bridesmaids, wedding boudoir, couples, and more. Well rounded, and you can see the subtle attention to the blacks and dark spots in the photos.

Holly Douglas & Co.

Holly Douglas focuses on capturing the natural beauty and essence of her subjects. Her work is relaxed yet sophisticated, making her a popular choice for those looking for an authentic experience. Well versed in couples boudoir, maternity boudoir, and plus size boudoir. She has a good eye for posing, and uses natural light well – letting the contrast of dark and light show off the curves of the subject.

Speechless Boudoir

Speechless Boudoir is known for their artistic and innovative approach to boudoir photography. Their work is creative, unique, and some photos that push into the realm of edgy boudoir, designed to make every woman feel like a masterpiece. With an approach to use the dark as the majority of the photo, she lets the light touch small parts of the scene to show off the subject. Like a charcoal artist starting with a black canvas and using white to add in the highlights, she crushes the blacks and only shows you a glimpse of the subject. Leaving the rest to the imagination.

Shannon Tommy

Shannon Tommy offers a luxurious and personalized boudoir experience. Her work is sensual, intimate, and designed to make every woman feel empowered. Boudoir props and setting the scene is a strength. She is well rounded in other forms of photography, and her boudoir photo shoots seem to focus on more of a portrait style to boudoir.

Caley Newberry Studios

Caley Newberry specializes in capturing the natural and authentic beauty of her subjects. Her work is relaxed and candid, reflecting the real personality and essence of the women she photographs. Black and White boudoir photography seems to be her preferred style. It gives a timeless look to the photos, and allows the viewer to focus on the curves and contrasts. This is shown well in the below nude maternity boudoir photo.

Kristen Fonville

Kristen Fonville is known for her transformative power, helping women embrace their sensuality and feel confident in their own skin. She has lots of experience, and her website mentions they have photographed well over 600 women. She also does nude photography. Kristen appears to really enjoy using a lot of black and white, but with color film — meaning the subject often wears black lace boudoir attire, and is in a white setting (bed, room, etc). And the color comes from the beauty of the skin tones of the women she photographs.

These are just a few of the many talented boudoir photographers in Nashville, so if you are there on a trip or live nearby, reach out to one that has the style you are looking for. Think about some boudoir poses and go over your vision with them. You are sure to have some fun, and end up with a great set of photos.

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