Boudoir Photography in Miami: 7 Top Photographers

Miami, known for its tropical atmosphere and vibrant energy, is a perfect location for boudoir photography. The city’s unique blend of glamour and sensuality has attracted some of the most talented boudoir photographers. Here are 7 of the best, each with their own distinct style and approach.

Pin Me Up Photography

Marilyn Sanchez, the talent behind Pin Me Up Photography, has worked with over a thousand women, offering an inclusive mindset. Her experience and ability to cover more erotic tastes set her apart. She has even worked with Playboy, making her a go-to for many in Miami.

The Intimate Studio

Helmed by Basy and Julie, The Intimate Studio offers romantic styling and dreamy soft-focus shots. Basy’s international fashion photography experience and Julie’s creative direction make them a perfect creative match.

Fokel Photography

Specializing in sensual fitness photos, Fokel Photography celebrates the hard work put into achieving a rocking body. Their style blends lifestyle photography with traditional boudoir, capturing both posed and candid shots.

Liberation Boudoir by Astrid Morgreen

Ingrid Morgreen believes that sensuality doesn’t need to mean nude. Her award-winning work with Vogue Italia showcases her ability to make every woman look gorgeous, regardless of age or body shape.

Photos by Marilyn Scavo

Marilyn Scavo is perfect for sultry couples shoots or “dudoir” shoots. Her all-female team includes hair, makeup, and videography, ensuring that your vision comes to life in her hi-definition editorial style.

Earth and Honey

Sindy Perez blends lifestyle and fashion into her photography, capturing women just being themselves while also capturing their smoldering side. Her focus on the luxury boudoir experience ensures comfort and magic in every shot.

Sexy Serendipity

Candice Spears is known for her dark, moody portraits, using light and shadow to highlight every sensual curve. If you want to become an art piece, her industrial-chic style is the perfect choice.

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